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Sweet Science: Local Roaster Cupping

Did you know?

  • More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every single day. 
  • Coffee laid the grounds for the French Revolution.
  • Women in England once filed a partition to make coffee illegal.
  • A goat that got wired is responsible for the rest of us following suit.

In this combined lecture and cupping, you will learn:

  • Where coffee originated and how it conquered the world to become the second most traded good after oil.
  • The chemistry inside the cherry: What we know about coffee and what we still do not. 
  • What makes a bean a specialty coffee: bean types, circumstances, growth, harvest, processing.
  • How trustworthy are certifications?

In this workshop you will compare different bean types by sight, smell, touch and taste.

We will "cup" samples from a local roaster in the way green coffee buyers do. Participants get to meet the roasters and take a coffee sample home.

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